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Get Up and Get Moving   

Do you need that jump-start to your day? Or a kick when 3:30-itis comes around? Energise has been carefully blended with organic ingredients to naturally give you more energy, without the caffeine.  Energise blend is made with you in mind.

Ingredients: Herb Robert • Ginkgo • Gotu Kola • Ashwaganda • Oat Straw • Rose Root • Peppermint • Thyme • Red Rose Petals

For those hardcore tough-nuts among us: ENERGISE is not a replacement for you pre-workout or canned energy drink of choice. Rather, it is a combination of purely natural ingredients that works to support your body's finely-tuned systems. 


Products will ship within 2 business days


- Boil your water. Fresh is best

- Add 250mL and pyramid to your cup of choice

- Be patient. Let it steep for 2-3 minutes

- Consume and enjoy

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"I wish I got into these sooner, they absolutely did not disappoint" - Nath

"Love 'em, especially being caffeine-free" - HH

"Quick feedback on the Sleep Tea: not a fan of herbals and I very much enjoyed the flavour. Probably lasted 20mins after I finished it, and out like a light the whole night" - AJ

"...slept a solid 11-6 for the first time in a good while eh" - TT