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The Rugged Tea Company



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It's time to power-down

After a hard day of moving hands, feet, lumber or iron, the most important thing is recovery. Sleep. Rugged Tea Co.’s SLEEP blend can help get you there, and keep you there, until it’s time to get Rugged again.


Ingredients: Peppermint • Lemongrass • Lemon Balm • Catnip • Chamomile



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- Boil your water. Fresh is best

- Add 250mL and pyramid to your cup of choice

- Be patient. Let it steep for 2-3 minutes

- Consume and enjoy

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"I wish I got into these sooner, they absolutely did not disappoint" - Nath

"Love 'em, especially being caffeine-free" - HH

"Quick feedback on the Sleep Tea: not a fan of herbals and I very much enjoyed the flavour. Probably lasted 20mins after I finished it, and out like a light the whole night" - AJ

"...slept a solid 11-6 for the first time in a good while eh" - TT